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The Model FL161 amplifies accelerometer signal inputs to produce a DC voltage output or 4-20mA current output proportional to acceleration.  The unit supplies constant current excitation to the accelerometer through the signal input wiring.  The FL161 is designed to be mechanically and electrically compatible with Encore’s other Flexi-line DIN-rail mounted instrumentation.



Input: Accelerometer, 100mV/g typically used (not supplied)
Accel excitation: 4mA ±2% at 24VDC to Input connection
Output: Internal jumper selects voltage or 4-20mA current output
Voltage output:

DC voltage proportional to acceleration

Version Scale factor
-001 5Vpk input = 2VDC output
-002 5VRMS input = 5VDC output
-003 1VRMS input = 5VDC output
Current output: 4-20mA current proportional to acceleration; 4-20mA output replaces 0-2VDC output
Frequency range: 5Hz to 2kHz filtering, or customer specified range to 20kHz
Accel signal output: Buffered accelerometer signal on separate terminal
Connections: Six wireclamp screw terminals accept wire sizes from 24-14 gauge
Mechanical: 2.9″ x 3.1″ x 0.9″ plastic enclosure; mounts on standard 35mm DIN rail
Power: Unregulated 18-30VDC at 30mA max.


This product can be customized to meet your specific requirements.
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