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The Model FL228 is a wide band, analog frequency to voltage converter. Featuring a  fixed frequency range and noise discrimination level, the externally-accessible trimpot controls allow adjustment of output offset and fullscale voltage.  The unit is designed to be mechanically and electrically compatible with Encore’s other Flexi-line DIN-rail mounted instrumentation.




Input frequency signal: 0 to ±45V max., DC coupled
Input comparator: Factory-set fixed threshold voltage
Two versions have front panel toggle switch to select 0mV or 300mV
Frequency range: Single range, factory settable from 100Hz to 40kHz
Minimum frequency: Operational range is from 5% to 100% of fullscale frequency
Voltage output: Up to 10VDC fullscale output, depending on version
Adjustments: Front panel trimpots for span and zero offset adjustment
Connections: Six wireclamp screw terminals accept wire sizes from 24-14 gauge
Mechanical: 2.9″ x 3.1″ x 0.9″ plastic enclosure; mounts on standard 35mm DIN-rail
Power: Unregulated 18-30VDC (24V nominal) or 10-16VDC (12V nominal) at 30mA


Model FL228 Frequency to Voltage versions chart

Version Frequency In Voltage Fullscale Out DC Power
000  10kHz  10V  24V
001  25kHz  5V  12V
003  150Hz  4.4V  12V
004  10Khz  5V  12V
008  100Hz  4.5V  24V
015  40kHz  10V  24V
018  100kHz  10V  24V
034  15kHz  5V  12V
042  40kHz  5V  24V

Other combinations available – let us customize a unit to your needs

Consult factory for additional input/output ranges

Encore designs and manufactures frequency to voltage modules in a DIN-Rail package. Units are in stock and available for immediate delivery for multiple combinations of frequency and voltage. All units can be operated from unregulated DC power sources.


  • Engineered to your specifications
  • Economically priced
  • Convenient DIN-Rail mount
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