Manufacturer of electronic instrumentation including signal conditioners, custom power supplies, computer controlled amplifiers and computer controlled signal conditioning instrumentation.




The Model 848 is a tightly-regulated linear power supply for applications requiring low ripple and noise.  Heat sinks on the side of the supply provide adequate cooling for operation without the need for fans.


Input: 105 to 125 VAC 50/60Hz, 2ARMS at full load
Output: 24VDC ±1.25V, 0 to 4ADC
Regulation: 0.1% max. over line and load variations
Ripple: 1mV RMS max
Controls: Front panel mounted trimpot adjusts output voltage
Connections: Terminal block for input power, output power, and sensing leads
Mechanical: 6″ wide x 3.75″ high x 10″ deep aluminum case, with side-mounted heatsink
Sensing: Remote sensing regulates voltage at remote load point
  Local sensing regulates voltage at power supply terminals
  Supply shipped with shorting jumpers on terminal block to enable local sensing
Protection: Overcurrent Output electronically current limited at 4.5ADC, with foldback to less than 1ADC at short circuit
  Input fuse 3A slow blow, internal
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