Manufacturer of electronic instrumentation including signal conditioners, custom power supplies, computer controlled amplifiers and computer controlled signal conditioning instrumentation.




  • Auto-balancing
  • User-selectable bridge completion
  • Adjustable bridge excitation


Up to sixteen channels of the Model 632 strain gage amplifiers can be mounted in the 19″W x 7″H x 20″ D rack adapter.  The integrated DC power supply is mounted at the rear of the rack to energize all 16 channels.  Each individual channel has its own on-board voltage regulator to provide the power required for the logic circuits, op-amps, and bridge excitation and ensures a load fault to any one module will not affect the other amplifiers.


Bridge configuration: Quarter, half, and full bridges, switch selectable; can also be used as general purpose differential amplifier
Bridge completion: Switch selects either 120 ohm or 350 ohm internal precision completion resistors
Bridge excitation:

Front panel adjustable, 0 to 15VDC; front panel on/off switch; BNC provided for voltmeter monitoring

Bridge balance:
Remote control activation of bridge balance cycle for all modules in rack; LED indicates unbalanceable condition
  Manual Front panel trimpot allows manual balance adjustment
Gain: Front panel switch selectable gains of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000, 5000 with gain vernier
Frequency response: DC to 100kHz
Calibration: Shunt cal activated by remote command; internal calibration resistors provided for 120 ohm and 350 ohm bridges
Signal output: ±10V max., 100mA peak load
Output noise: 5 microvolts RMS RTI max, DC to 100kHz at G=1000
Power: Integral rack power supply module provides unregulated ±24V
Mechanical: 19″W x 7″H x 20″D, 16 module rack adapter, Model 4007-134
Carrying case: Two-module desktop case, Model 4010-109
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