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The Model 721 is a modular two-channel, rack mounted, lowpass filter each containing two independent signal channels.  Each channel allows for one of five frequency cutoffs, or filter bypass, which is selected with a front panel rotary switch.

The Model 721has all the features of the 721 with the addition of a  switch-selectable gain of 1, 10, or 100.


Frequency: Customer-specified -3dB frequencies from 0.3Hz to 30kHz for each of five positions per module, plus filter bypass
Can have different frequencies per channel
Attenuation: 48dB per octave (eight-pole filter)
lower order (6 pole or 4 pole) available
Response: Bessel response (linear phase) standard; Butterworth available
Gain: 0dB ± 0.3dB in passband; Model 721M adds switch-selectable
gain of 1, 10, or 100
Signal range: ±10V max.
Input impedance: 100k ohms min.
Test points: Front panel tipjack connections for output signal monitoring

Rack Mounting

Connections: Rear panel mounted BNC connectors for input and output signals
Mechanical: 19″W x 5.25″H x 16″D, eight module (16 channel) rack adapter Model 4015-109

Modules plug into Model 4015-109 19″ rack with integral power supply

721-001 Rack

721-001 Rack

Input power: 115VAC ±10% 50/60Hz, 20VA
Carrying case: Two module (four channel) desktop case Model 4017-105
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